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Nomad Horizon

Nomad Horizon- Kevin’s Trip Around the World from Kevin Schaum on Vimeo.

I spent seven months traveling around the world from December of 2008 to the end of June 2009.

I traveled to Fiji, New Zealand, Thailand, Nepal, and India including Ladakh.

My girlfriend accompanied me for a total of about 2 months in New Zealand and Thailand, and I was with my friend Dave for Thailand, Nepal, and most of India. I was solo for about 2 months of the trip.

While traveling, I worked on an orchard, in a vineyard, and on a landscaping crew. I also hiked more than 500 miles during the trip, and climbed to over 20,000 feet while in Nepal.

By the numbers-
Seven months traveling.
20+ flights
500+ miles of hiking/trekking
Sea level to over 20,000 feet.
One amazing trip!

More info can be found at or at the Kevin Schaum vimeo page-